Grand Cru from the Highlands

Icon Voghera

This Grand Cru reveals captivating flavors of vanilla, chocolate and subtle floral accents. At an altitude of 1200 meters, in the heart of the majestic Madagascar Highlands, coffee plants flourish on rich volcanic soil, sculpted by ancient craters. The highly fertile region is irrigated by the peaceful Lake Itasy.

In small family farms of the Merina ethnic group, coffee trees thrive in harmony with native and fruit trees. We’re dedicated to building fair and equitable relationships with local farmers. We work hand in hand with them, meticulously selecting the finest coffee cherries, and manage the entire journey from harvest to the roasting of the beans.

Our passion and dedication to quality have borne fruit. Voghera has been honored with the prestigious “Specialty Coffee” distinction. We are proud to be the first in Madagascar to achieve this international recognition.