Reforestation Madagascar

Madagascar’s Forests: Biodiversity Under Threat

The forests of Madagascar, sanctuaries for biodiversity, face fragmentation and depletion. Every year, hundreds of thousands of wooded hectares are reduced to ashes.

These havens of life vanish due to slash-and-burn farming, charcoal production, and the trafficking of precious woods. For many of the region’s very poor inhabitants, tree exploitation is their only source of income.

Forest and Coffee:
Intertwined Destinies

But the alliance between coffee trees and indigenous trees can halt this destructive process. An ancestral pact unites them.

The multitude of species creates a healthy, fertile environment that protects the coffee trees from disease. Beneath the protective canopy, their fruit patiently ripens to produce deep aromas.

And coffee reconciles mankind with the forest. Arabica beans provide a comfortable source of income for farmers, who are no longer dependent on forestry for their livelihood.

Most crucially, the farmers know that the long-term survival of their coffee trees is intimately linked to the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem. In this way, they become active players in the protection of the forest.

Protection forêt

Our reforestation actions in Amber Mountain

Reforestation Madagascar Montagne d'Ambre

Since 2019, Voghera has been working to restore the forest ecosystems of Amber Mountain, harnessing the ancestral connection between indigenous trees and coffee plants.

Deforestation has been rampant there for years. Yet, this primary tropical forest, peaking at 1,400 meters, houses several unique species, including one of the smallest known chameleons. It ensures the survival of a large number of the region’s inhabitants as it acts as a water reservoir: during the rainy season, trees store water in the soil, and in the dry season, they distribute it. The situation is even more dramatic since locals regard the forest as sacred: it is the resting place of their ancestors.

In collaboration with local associations, we have created numerous nurseries in the heart of various villages within the Amber Mountain, where we produce native trees and coffee plants. Simultaneously, we train the local residents in agroforestry methods and raise awareness about the importance of protecting this unique ecosystem.

Since the launch of our project, we have successfully replanted over 100,000 native trees.

Our efforts are primarily funded by the profits from Voghera coffee. So, with every cup of Voghera coffee, you directly contribute to the preservation and rejuvenation of Madagascar’s remarkable biodiversity.