An exceptional coffee to protect Madagascar’s biodiversity

Protection biodiversité Madagascar

Voghera was born out of a reforestation project in the heart of the Amber Mountain national park, in the far north of the Great island. Faced with the threat of deforestation, our quest was clear: to find a sustainable way of safeguarding this natural treasure, while offering local communities an environmentally-friendly source of income. This is how our project came about, by developing the cultivation of speciality coffee that fits harmoniously into Madagascar’s forest ecosystem.

Protection biodiversité Madagascar
Protection de la nature

We work hand in hand with farmers to promote agroforestry and contribute to restoring the forest and preserving endemic species. Thanks to this collaboration, we developed Madagascar’s first speciality coffee. We carefully select the fruit from the coffee trees, and each stage of processing is meticulously supervised to guarantee exceptional quality.

Our collaboration with local communities creates sustainable economic opportunities. Promoting agroforestry not only helps to improve their living conditions, but it also encourages them to become true guardians of nature. Together, we share a commitment to conserving the Great Island’s fragile ecosystem.

The year 2021 represents a memorable chapter for Voghera, marked by the award of our speciality coffee certification. This validates our commitment and crowns our efforts to produce a coffee that respects and enriches its original environment. By enjoying every cup of Voghera coffee, you are supporting sustainable development for the people of the Red Island.

Nature de Madagascar