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Voghera Coffee

Beneath the protective canopy of Madagascar’s trees, coffee plants thrive in a unique biodiversity. Rosewood, baobab, vanilla, lemur, bird of paradise… Rare species and endemic wildlife intermingle to create an ecosystem of incredible richness.

For millennia, Madagascar has been home to indigenous coffee species. In the 18th century, inhabitants of the nearby island of La Réunion introduced the bourbon arabica, renowned as one of the finest coffee varieties in the world. Over the decades, these plants naturally met, merged, and gave birth to new arabica lineages. From this fusion, an inimitable coffee was born.

Voghera is not only Madagascar’s first specialty coffee; it is at the heart of a reforestation project aimed at preserving the unique ecosystem of the Great Island. With every cup of Voghera coffee, you directly contribute to the restoration of Madagascar’s incomparable biodiversity.

Reforestation Madagascar

Voghera’s commitment to forest restoration

Our coffee draws its richness from Madagascar’s extraordinary biodiversity: the country is home to over 70% of endemic species. Sadly, the fauna and flora of the Big Island are under serious threat. Since the 1950s, Madagascar has lost half of its natural forests.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of hectares of these flourishing ecosystems are disappearing as a result of slash-and-burn farming, charcoal production, and the trafficking of precious woods. For many impoverished locals, forestry activities remain their only source of income.

From its beginning, Voghera has built its foundation on preserving and restoring forest ecosystems, by promoting agroforestry and replanting rare indigenous species.